This sound system emulator lets you hear what your track would sound like in a club

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Have you ever tried to play a track in a club, but it sounds completely different on the club sound system than on your sound system at home?  This is because different sound systems in different environments resonate musical frequencies in different ways. If you produce electronic dance music, producing with all of these differing scenarios in mind can be quite a problem. And testing every mix and master in the club is very difficult and often impossible.

A new plug-in from digital instruments company G-Sonique lets you hear what your track would sound like in a club by simulating what your track will sound like on various sound systems, amplifiers and processors.

Featuring a DJ and amplifier volume knob, the club sound system emulator attempts to mirror sound systems, amplifiers and processors of 10 different types of club and room setting, from smaller monitors and large PA systems to DJs playing “to the red levels on the mixer”.

The plug-in has been developed by the company alongside a selection of live sound engineers, DJs and producers. See how it works below.


Source: DJ Mag

Written by: Sarah

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