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MasterSounds announces plan to end production of their DJ mixers

MasterSounds has announced it is ceasing production of new DJ mixers, FX units and more in its current range of products. Sharing the news on the company’s social media accounts, MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw said: As we hit mid 2024, I wanted to give everyone reading this a heads up to let you know that we are currently building our final units of MasterSounds DJ mixers, FX Units, ISO4s and […]

todayJune 14, 2024 19 12


rekordbox 7 released by AlphaTheta

AlphaTheta — the parent company of Pioneer DJ — has released rekordbox 7, the latest version of the music organisation tool and performance software. rekordbox 7 includes a complete rebuild from the ground up, now supporting Silicon chips on Apple computers and, according to AlphaTheta, featuring a much-improved performance with a “56% reduction in CPU Processing load and a 38% reduction in power consumption during startup”. There are also improved […]

todayMay 22, 2024 16 27


This sound system emulator lets you hear what your track would sound like in a club

Have you ever tried to play a track in a club, but it sounds completely different on the club sound system than on your sound system at home?  This is because different sound systems in different environments resonate musical frequencies in different ways. If you produce electronic dance music, producing with all of these differing scenarios in mind can be quite a problem. And testing every mix and master in […]

todayApril 30, 2024 37 14


AlphaTheta are mixing things up with their first ever rotary mixer: the euphonia

AlphaTheta Corporation have recently announced the release of the company’s first-ever rotary mixer: the euphonia. The 4-channel mixer is the also the first piece of hardware from the company that features the companies AlphaTheta brand. euphonia is a combination digital/analog mixer with rotary faders that features a custom-designed 3Band Master Isolator, built-in Send FX, and more. The euphonia weighs in at just under 21 lbs – notably lighter compared to Pioneer’s other […]

todayApril 2, 2024 15 27

SoundCloud Apple Carplay


SoundCloud Rollout Apple Carplay, 2FA And More

Soundcloud has made a lot of improvements in recent months that benefit both artists and music consumers. Giving users more options to stream music, safer login procedures and better ways to organise tracks are just some of the features they've been working on. Not to mention a fresh new look donned by some areas of the site. We're excited to see what comes next from the product team, but for […]

todayMarch 21, 2024 64 20

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