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Simon O’Brien


Simon O'Brien - Sonic Pleasures

Simon has been around the Dublin music scene in many different guises since the mid 90’s. From his DJ residency in the Zoo Bar, to the numerous sets in the Rock Garden, The Waterfront, and up to Pravda in the early 2000’s.

During this time his eclectic sets would vary from techno to Northern Soul, and everything in between. During the mid 2000’s he was a member of the band Noise Control, who played support to Basement Jaxx and Underworld in Marley Park, and also supported the Prodigy for three dates on their 2004 Irish Tour.

The joy of Simon’s sets, is that due to his eclectic taste, you never really know what you’re going to get until you tune in. Why not join him on his Sonic Pleasures ?

Catch Simon’s show, Sonic Pleasures every Thursday from 7-8pm.


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