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Rubén Sahún


Rubén Sahún

Rubén Sahún’s passion for electronic music ignited at a young age. His fascination with this genre blossomed as he tuned in to music radio shows, sparking a deep curiosity about the art of blending these melodic compositions.

Fate intervened in September 1998 when Rubén crossed paths with one of his closest friends who shared the same musical fervor. Together, they embarked on a journey that would shape their destinies – hosting sessions at a local club. This was the crucible where Rubén Sahún delved into the world of DJing, honing his skills and evolving as an artist.

Today, Rubén Sahún stands as a testament to his dedication to the craft. He has taken substantial strides in the industry, not only as a DJ but as a producer in his own right. His music embodies the essence of contemporary styles, including progressive house, melodic house, and melodic techno, resonating with the current musical landscape.

In addition to his remarkable solo career, Rubén Sahún is also a co-founder of the groundbreaking project, “Electro Nature.” This innovative endeavor captures the essence of DJ sets performed in the most unconventional of settings – the great outdoors.

These remarkable recordings showcase the fusion of music and nature, often set against a backdrop of cultural or artistic heritage, creating a unique and immersive experience for music enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Rubén Sahún’s journey continues to inspire and elevate the world of electronic music.


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