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Rory Lester


Rory Lester

Rory’s enduring love affair with music and his fascination with sound commenced at a tender age. Growing up in a household that perpetually boasted a top-tier hi-fi separates system and an extensive, genre-spanning music collection, courtesy of his sibling, he was destined for a musical journey of epic proportions. Rory’s insatiable appetite for music led him through an ever-evolving tapestry of genres, from rock to punk, new wave, funk, blues, electronic, and more.

He was an avid seeker, always on the hunt for fresh sonic discoveries. In an era before the internet dominated, he scoured music reviews, tuned in to the voices of legends like Dave Fanning and John Peel, and absorbed any tidbits of information available about music, bands, albums, recording studios, artists, and the evolving landscape of music technology.

As a young electronics enthusiast, Rory’s passion for the world of sound was palpable. The early days of electronic music held a special place in his heart, and when he first laid eyes on those iconic 1210’s and a mixer, well, it was nothing short of a revelation.

In the years that followed, Rory ventured into the nascent Dublin house scene, immersing himself in its vibrant beats and rhythms. He found his way into the world of radio, where his passion for music and sound continued to flourish.


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