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Karl Lambert


Karl Lambert

In 1998, a surprise slot at Kiss 105.3fm kickstarted Karl’s spin into the DJ realm. His slick transitions soon bagged him two weekly shows on Kiss FM, holding the decks there for a solid two-year stint before a twist of fate saw him and half the Kiss crew morphing into the now legendary Nova 94.7fm. He rode the Nova wave till its last beat in June 2005.

The new millennium saw Karl diving into a new venture, birthing Future Sounds in the heart of Dublin’s Temple Bar in 2001. It wasn’t just a record shop, but a hub for Dublin’s DJ elite, pioneering with Ireland’s first Top 5 dance chart on national radio 2FM, dubbed the Future Cut chart.

The curtains drew on Future Sounds in 2004, but the beat didn’t stop. Karl jumped into the production pool, syncing up with good mate Tony Pugh. With a history of spinning records together, it was a no-brainer they’d sync up in the studio too. Grooveboy was the fruit of their collab, flaunting their love for funky deep house tunes.

As the decade rolled, so did their musical palette. 2010 marked the genesis of Genetic Rhythm, showcasing a tech house/progressive blend. The duo’s been dropping beats under both monikers, each track a testament to their diverse sonic journey.

Post-Nova, Karl hit pause on radio, only to hit play again in 2007 with his own brainchild, Play FM Dublin, quickly rising as Dublin’s underground electronic dance music sanctuary. A brief sign-off in 2012, but 2023 saw Karl back at the helm, rebooting Play FM online.

Dublin’s nightlife got a fair taste of Karl’s beats, with residencies spanning across top-notch clubs like Mono, Switch, The Pod, Viva, Bia Bar, Pygmalion and beyond. His saga from the airwaves to club floors paints a vivid picture of a beat maestro ever-evolving, resonating through Dublin’s soundscape with each spin.

Catch Karl’s show The Audio Files every Friday @ 7pm.


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