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Andrew Gormley


Andrew Gormley

In 1990, I embarked on my career in club security, but my passion for dance music had been brewing throughout the 1980s. As the electronic music scene soared in the 1990s, I found myself in the ideal environment to nurture my fascination. I began amassing an extensive music collection and eagerly tuned in to the burgeoning array of dance music stations.

The turning point arrived in 1996 when I made the pivotal move to what can only be described as the holy grail of dance clubs: “The Pod.” Here, I became deeply entrenched in club culture, as “The Pod” encompassed three distinct clubs under one roof. Encouraged by some of the venue’s managers, I took my first steps into the world of DJing. Landing a weekly slot at the Chocolate Bar, and occasionally filling in for other DJs, proved to be a baptism by fire. I also secured slots within “The Pod” itself.

However, life’s course led me to bid adieu to “The Pod” complex in 2001. I made the choice to pursue a so-called “proper” full-time job and embrace the responsibilities of family life.

Fast forward to the year 2023, and the opportunity to DJ has come full circle. I now find myself gracing the airwaves weekly on Play FM, a station I avidly listened to in my earlier years.

With the pulsating rhythms of dance music still coursing through my veins, I couldn’t resist the allure of this resurgence. This marks the inception of my journey into the realm of digital DJing, a stark departure from my vinyl roots of yesteryears.

Catch Andrew’s show The Groove Project every Sunday from 6-8pm.


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